How to Add/Embed Stream Chat to OBS Studio | April 2022

Feb 14, 2022

How to Add/Embed Stream Chat to OBS Studio | April 2022


Getting Chat on Screen in OBS is a very effective way to engage users across different platforms. In this article, we will look at different ways to add stream chat to the OBS studio platform.

You can add Twitch Stream Chat to OBS or you can also have your own private chat platform added to OBS Stream

There are many benefits of having your own chat like:

  1. Customization : Completely customize the look and feel of chat
  2. Moderation: Ban users, delete messages and Ban Bad Words
  3. 1-1 Chat: Chat 1-1 with your attendees

The Chat Platform to use is DeadSimpleChat is Dead Simple to add to your OBS Stream and has a Free Plan with all the features available to use.

Adding DeadSimpleChat to your OBS Stream follows the exact same steps as adding Stream Chat to your OBS Stream.

How to Get Chat on Stream OBS

How to add any chat box to OBS

Follow the below steps to add chat on Stream OBS


Step 1: Get the Chat URL from the provider

The First step is to get the chat url from the chat provider you can get this in the chat interface or if you are able to open the chat in a new window get the url from the browser that is the chat URL of the chat provider you are using.

Step2: Open the OBS and click on the "+" icon at the bottom of the OBS software as shown in the figure.

Open the OBS software and click on the "+" icon

Step3: Click on the browser button

Click on the browser on the OBS Studio

Step4: Type a name for your chat and click on the 'OK' button

Add stream chat to OBS

Step5 : Add the chat URL from the chat provider to OB

Set the chat provider url

Step6: Final Chat added to OBS

Chat added to OBS

here is how adding stream chat to OBS is very easy to do.

How to Get Twitch Stream Chat box to OBS

Add Stream Chat to OBS (Twitch Chat)

Twitch account

Adding twitch chat to your OBS Stream is quite simple.

Step1: Login to your Twitch account

Login to your Twitch Account 

Step2: Go to your channel

Go to your Channel

Step3: Open the Stream Chat

Stream Chat Channel

Step4: Click on the settings button

Click On the Settings button

Step 5: Click on the pop out chat button

Step6: Copy the URL from the pop out chat

Copy the Stream Chat URL

Step7: Open your OBS Studio

Step8: click on the "+" icon on the bottom

Click on the Plus Icon

Step9: select browser from the list

select browser from obs menu

Step10: Name the chat ( we will name it Twitch chat) and click on OK.

step11: Add the URL that we copied from the pop out stream chat and adjust the height and width of the chat here and click ok.

Add the stream URL that we copied in step 6

Now you have twitch stream chat added on your OBS stream

ADD Stream Chat as a Dock to OBS

Step A: take the URL that you copied in the step 6 above

Step B: click on view -> Docks -> Custom Browser Docks

Click on the Custom Browser Docks in OBS

Step C: A window opens up name the dock (We will name it Twitch Name Dock) and paste the URL Copied in the step 6 above and Click on the apply button

Now you have the Twitch Chat as a dockable chat. You can dock it in any section of the OBS studio software.

Dockable Stream Chat from Twitch


It is easy to add any streaming chat to OBS Studio and it increasing engagement with the audiences for sure.

Adding Dead Simple Chat to your Stream is a good option if you need customizable experience and features that makes you stand out from the crowd.

DeadSimpleChat also scales upto 10 million participants so if you have lots of viewers rest assured that the chat will work always


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