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Dead Simple Chat

Turn Key Chat Solution

Highly customizable chat for any use case. Comes with pre-built chat that can be integrated into any website or app in minutes.

10 Million Concurrent Connections

With 10 Million participants in a single chat room. Dead Simple Chat is the Most Scalable chat in there is.

Easy Integration

Add chat to your website or application in minutes with pre-built chat.


Easily customize every aspect of chat with UI based customization + Ability to add custom CSS.


Add Chat to your SaaS application with Dead Simple Chat. Full Multi-tenancy support to keep your customers accounts totally separate from each other.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Automatically Sign In users that are on your Platform / Website to chat with Single Sign On.

Add Chat capabilities to your SaaS Application

With Dead Simple Chat add powerful chat capabilities to your SaaS application.

API and Webhooks

API and Webhooks for deep integration with your application.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Automatically login users into the chat when they login to your platform.


Roll out chat to your customers while keeping them completely separate from each other.

SaaS Application

"Dead Simple Chat was the perfect solution to add more fan engagement into our live virtual event. The support team was incredibly responsive and collaborative, and worked with us to build a custom plan that integrated seamlessly into our existing platform."

Amanda Marcotullio

Marketing Manager, ESPN.

"I recommend this service if you need to plug-in a reliable live chat service for a sizeable online event. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 simultaneous chat users. In my experience, this service works as advertised."

customer review

Bence Bordas

Director of marketing, HAVASI Entertainment.

Chat Features you Need

Chat APIs, SDK and Webhooks

Chat Analytics

Q&A Mode

Language Translate

Control every aspect of chat with APIs, SDK and Webhooks. Detailed documentation and developer support team to help you with integration.

Get a host of analytics like peak chat users, total number of messages sent and many more with graphs and ability to export data.

Enable Q&A mode to conduct Q&A sessions with Dead Simple Chat. With questions first sent to the moderators for approval.

Ability to translate chat interface into any language of your choice + Ability to add Custom Language.


Group and 1-1 Chat

Image and File Sharing

Reply and Like Messages

Conduct Polls with DeadSimpleChat. You can also export the chat after the polls are done.

Allow users to conduct Group chat and 1-1 Chat with DeadSimpleChat.

Allow users to share images and files with DeadSimpleChat. Image sharing and file sharing can be switched on/off in the dashboard.

Dead Simple Chat interface you can reply to individual messages sent by users and also give reactions to the messages.

“Dead Simple Chat lives up to its name — and that’s a good thing! We had a tight deadline for a one-day event, with Dead Simple Chat, we were up and running instantly, and able to easily make it work exactly how we needed it to."

Justin Woods

Director of Digital Distribution. Hope Channel International, Inc.

"I've recommended it to others, and looked long and hard for something like Dead Simple Chat-it's

head and shoulders in every way above everything we've found!"

customer review

John Allsopp

Founder. Web Directions conferences

Chat Features

All the features of DeadSimpleChat

Group Chat

Channels Sub Rooms


Language Translation

Group Chat with up to 10 Million participants in a single chat room.

Create Sub-room and Channels for different topics of discussions. For example: like booths in a live event.

Customize the look and feel of the chatroom to your liking. Everything can be customized to suit your website or event platform.

Translate the chat interface with any text you like.

Q & A


Download Chat History

Enterprise SLA

With Q &A mode, you can easily conduct Q &As sessions. We also have the ability to export the Q&A sessions.

Ban bad words, ban/ un-ban users, delete messages and much more.

Ability to download the chat history any time you want.

We Sign Enterprise SLA agreement with 100% Guaranteed uptime during events

E.U Data Residency

GDPR Compliant

100% Uptime during Event.


E.U data residency available upto request.

DeadSimpleChat is fully GDPR Compliant.

We have guaranteed 100% Uptime during events.

Conduct Polls with DeadSimpleChat.



Share Images.

Share Files.

React to messages in the chat with Reactions. You can enable disable reactions in the settings.

Get detailed analytics specifying peak connections, total number of users, messages sent and many more. You can also export Analytics in pdf

Let users Share images in the chatroom with DeadSimpleChat. You can turn on/off the ability to share images in the dashboard.

Let users Share files in the chatroom with DeadSimpleChat. You can turn on/off the ability to share files in the dashboard.

Create Multiple Moderators.

A.I Image Moderation.

Easy Integration.

Full Control.

Create Multiple Moderators and assign them to different chatrooms.

All the images uploaded to chat are moderated with A.I for explicit content.

Just paste the iframe code on the html page and thats it. The chat is integrated with 1 line of code.

You can enable / disable any features of DeadSimpleChat through dashboard.

10 Million concurrent participants.

Fast Response Time.

Extremely Reliable.


Chat with 10 Million participants

Really fast response time with avg 5ms.

With 100% chat uptime guarantee during events and Enterprise SLA available. DeadSimpleChat is extremely reliable.

We have chat apis and webhooks.

Learn more about them here


24 x 7 Phone and Email Support.

Message History.

Write CSS for Customization.

You can customize the chat experience with chat APIs. You can

Download the Chat history with DeadSimpleChat.

You can customize the chat by writing the CSS for Customization

learn more about them here

Dedicated support with single point of contact available for complete peace of mind.

Secure Chat.

UI Based Customization.

Ban bad words.

Ban Users

Chat is secure with TLS encryption

Customize chat with UI Based Customization

Ban bad words from the chat room with DeadSimpleChat.

Ban/Un-ban Users with DeadSimpleChat. Banned users cannot participate in the chat





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